Letter Project: A choreography


Letter Project: A choreography is a performing arts project, taking place in public and private spaces of a specific city. A group of letters perform a choreography in public space, and communicate that choreography to the audience through the content of the letter. As well do the letters contain texts which frames the readers body into an alternative theatre context, where one is simultaneously alone and together with the other readers, having a subjective and individual experience together with others.

Letters are objects connecting people in time and space. They are personal and communicative when the receiver reads them. By creating a choreography of letters, the focus on togetherness is accentuated in an individual sphere. The letters create a shared poetic context for the readers body, as well as for the daily context the reader moves in. The movement of the letters is both enacting moving bodies in a choreography, as well as it talks about the absence of it.

Letter Project: A choreography is questioning what it means to be physically connected but where actual physical touch is not obvious or self-evident. It talks about togetherness and simultaneity, as well as absence and loneliness.

Idea and creation: Mirte Bogaert. Creating performer/ writer: Vincent Stephen. Choreography of text/ graphic design: Raquel Maia Marques. Co-production: BIT Teatergarasjen. Supported by: Kulturr├ądet (Arts Council Norway)

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  • © Raquel Maia Marques
  • © Raquel Maia Marques
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