Other People, common ground

2019 -2039

In a time where production and results seems to be the measure of all things, Other People, common ground is an attempt to radically deviate from the pressure to create ever more new pieces of work. We are asserting our right to work without having to justify it to anyone by making a show. We are (re)claiming the fact that work can also just be the act of working. And by this act of working, projects, which we each are developing parallel to Other People, common ground, will be influenced and enriched. The work aims to break with short term project visions, and has a perspective of taking place twice a year over the next 20 years. We explore in Other People, common ground, the possibilities of sharing the work with an audience, other than a performance situation.

With the support of: Kulturr├ądet (Arts Council Norway), Bergen Dansesenter - Regional Center for Dance, Cas-Co. Thanks to: Michikazu Matsune

DOWNLOAD scans of written materils of Edition 0 - Prologue

DOWNLOAD documentation of Edition 1 - The Monday edition

DOWNLOAD scans of written materials of Edition 1 The Monday edition

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  • © Menzo Kircz
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